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I don’t know about you but I really don’t like the fact that people can see when I last checked my Whatsapp – it’s so hard to try avoid someone when they can see when you have been on last …

them: ‘Tammy I know you’re there!’

me: ‘Oh my goodness I am only checking my phone now!’

them: ‘ I saw you were on Whatsapp ten minutes ago.’

me: ‘ ugh’ (insert: bad excuse a& then when you know they aren’t buying it just end with …) ‘you’re such a detective’

So this is all you do:

1) Head into the belly of the Whatsapp beast, click ‘settings’ at the bottom.

2) Go to ‘chat settings’ 

3) Click ‘Advanced’ – find it at the bottom

4) Turn off ‘Last Seen Timestamp’

It’s a pleasure.


  1. @$$

    Hey I cant seem to find the ‘ advanced’ . Option on mine :( .help?

  2. secretsocialmedia


    Viber has just recently updated a few things, so to get here just have a look at the bottom to see “MORE…”

    1) click on “MORE…”
    2) Then click on SETTINGS
    3) Scroll down to “LAST ONLINE” – switch to “OFF”

    Please let me know if this help?

    – Tammy

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